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When you give a Gift for Life, buy something from this website and add a donation to your order, you are helping people affected by leprosy who are often living below the extreme poverty line because of the discrimination they endure as a result of having leprosy.

Please help people affected by leprosy to have a livelihood and to lead a fuller life by buying Artisan gifts, Gifts for Life and adding donations to your order.



Summer Range


Clay Owl Tea Light Holder


    How We Help:

    606 people affected by leprosy and disability were provided with a prosthesis or orthopaedic device in Nigeria in 2014.


    How We Help:

    Education Every year we enable thousands of children from leprosy-affected families to go to school.


    How We Help:

    Housing We have provided thousands of leprosy-affected families with a safe and sanitary home.