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Become a Cure Partner

cure partner

Imagine being beaten up by your husband just because you have an incurable disease. Imagine being kicked out of your home by your parents to beg because you have no marriage prospects. Imagine the lifelong emotional suffering that this would cause. And imagine how easy and how cost-effective it is to prevent this from happening to a young person – right now.

By becoming a Cure Partner, you can help to cure one child’s leprosy each month. Your gift will stop a child’s feet becoming damaged like Uma’s. You’ll prevent their hands from twisting into claws. You’ll stop their feet from becoming marred by sores and ulcers. You’ll protect them from being beaten up, from being rejected by their family and from lifelong isolation.

Your £6 a month will deliver more than a cure. It will give a child like Roopwati the chance to live life to the full, unhindered by disability and prejudice.

Please visit: www.curepartners.org to become a Cure Partner!