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About TLM Trading Limited

TLM Trading Limited is an international Christian development organisation, transforming and empowering the lives of people affected by leprosy. Our goal is to eradicate the causes and consequences of this disease.

Our main aim is to help raise awareness of The Leprosy Mission and its work and to raise funds to support its projects. We do this indirectly through the sale of our products online and in our four catalogues a year. We also do this directly through our Gifts for Life range, which last year combined with donations added to orders, raised a magnificent £369,000. Furthermore, we directly support our artisan groups, by selling their products to help provide them with the social and economic status that allows a dignified life.

TLM Trading employs six full-time members of staff, who work from the Trading office in Peterborough, UK.

About The Leprosy Mission itself

childrenThe Leprosy Mission (TLM) is an international Christian organisation which helps those affected by leprosy. Founded in 1874, The Leprosy Mission is the oldest and largest leprosy-focused organisation in the world today.

Leprosy affects people's lives in many different ways, so we care for their physical, social, spiritual and psychological needs. In our projects we concentrate on community-based rehabilitation (CBR), prevention of disability (POD), advocacy, capacity building, healthcare, education, stigma reduction and occasionally on disaster response and preparedness. Leprosy is sometimes not fully understood by communities and as a result people are fearful of it, which means those affected by leprosy are often stigmatised.

Our vision is for a world without leprosy. This is why our main focus is on leprosy work and not other areas of healthcare. However, our work often includes other marginalised people in society, those with severe disabilities or those living in extreme poverty.

TLM consists of 31 Member countries which include both supporting (donor) countries and implementing (field) countries. Both are equally valued Members and are equal partners in the work. It is the Members who drive the Mission forward and make decisions about TLM's work.

Around the world The Leprosy Mission has about 2,000 staff and implements or supports around 200 leprosy projects in 26 countries. The largest number of our projects is in India. There are also a significant number in Bangladesh, Myanmar, Nigeria and Nepal. Increasingly the Mission seeks to work with partners rather than carrying out projects directly.

In total, TLM is present in almost 50 countries around the world. In addition to the 26 'implementing' (field) countries, this also includes 'supporting' (donor countries) where the main focus is on developing financial and project support.

The Leprosy Mission is a member agency of ILEP (the international federation of anti-leprosy organisations), EU-CORD, People in Aid, the Micah Network and BOND.

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