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Our Case Studies

Eye Surgery - Manju, India

It is difficult to believe that just £35 can buy the priceless gift of protecting the sight in leprosy-damaged eyes. Mum-of-five Manju Roy’s husband asked her to leave home when she discovered she had leprosy.

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School Materials - Juma, Mozambique

Do you know any teenagers who have built their own house? Juma lives in Mozambique and he’s a very self-reliant, resourceful 13-year-old. His mum died some years ago and his dad is no longer on the scene.

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Escaping Poverty - Saratou, Niger

Saratou is a young woman from Danja village who has been supported by TLM to study IT in Maradi, Niger. She is doing well in her class - currently fifth out of 16.

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A Place to Heal - Alpana, Nepal

Alpana needs your prayers and support while she is treated for leprosy at Green Pastures Hospital in Nepal. She is at severe risk of becoming permanently disabled. You can help Alpana by giving the gift of medicine, counselling or a hospital bed for a whole year via Gifts for Life.

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House - Moussa, Niger

Moussa and his wife and three children were living in squalor in Niger in a makeshift shelter with no sanitation on land they did not own. To make matters worse, the landowner served them with an eviction notice.

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Fishing Net - Manorasa, Sri Lanka

Manorasa and Shree were provided with fishing nets by The Leprosy Mission after a series of devastating blows to their income. A fisherman by trade, Manorasa married Shree when she was just 19-years-old.

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Train a Community Worker - Joshim, Bangladesh

Three years ago Joshim discovered patches on his body.Unable to pay a doctor he rested, hoping they would heal, but gradually his hands and feet began to weaken and he was no longer able to drive his rickshaw.

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Patient Welfare - Dr. Mark Griffiths, India

Dr Mark Griffiths is from New Zealand and has worked at CSL Danja Hospital for more than four years. He lives near to the hospital with his wife and two children. His patients typically include those with meningitis, pneumonia, TB and malaria.

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Greatest Need - Sonia, India

Sonia is only four years old but was recently diagnosed with leprosy. Thanks to your support she was given treatment early on which means she will not suffer from any lasting effects of the disease. But, both her father and older sister both suffer from the disease.

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Greatest Need - Segay, Ethiopia

In our mission to serve some of the world’s poorest and most marginalised people, we praise God that we can bring hope to people living in abject poverty in Addis Ababa – Ethiopia’s capital city.

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